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"Otis" Discussion

A few things about the "Otis" episode. First, let me begin by saying I loved the episode and thought it was great, but some things stuck out.

1. Bellick would have had union representation at the DOC meeting, if he so requested and he seems like a union man to me. He could not be fired just like that. There's a process. The union could appeal the decision and go to arbitration. This would take months. The DOC could put Bellick on leave without pay. I'm not saying the arbitrator would rule in Bellick's favor. I'm just saying that it wouldn't be over like that.

2. Aren't phone calls between attorney and client privileged? What if an inmate told his attorney where the body was buried and the police had recorded the call and found the body based on that converse and then used the found evidence against the inmate? I don't think that's kosher.

3. Bellick and his mother remind me of Norman Bates and "Psycho."

4. I was hoping Bellick would off himself.

5. Doesn't Pope know that if their situations were reversed, Bellick would not have quit? Plus, selling PI was just the tip of the iceberg on what Bellick was doing in FR.

6. I hope Pope had a backup anniversary present.

7. I so wanted Michael and Lincoln to get LJ. I think they should have knocked Mahone out. They should have had mace or something to temporarilty incapacitate him. And for M&L to say that LJ would be escorted by an unarmed person--maybe in Illinois, but not anywhere else that I know off. I know in my county, inmates are escorted to court by armed sheriff's deputies.

8. Lincoln would not have been told when and how LJ would be transported to a court hearing. Even the inmates don't know. I mean, an inmate knows if h/she has a court date, but they will not know exactly when the deputies will pick him/her up. It's called security, for the deputies and inmates.

What are your thoughts?

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