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Just like I promised, here's a T-bag/Michael story! I don't know what it is, I'm just in a fic writing mood this weekend. Anyway this one is far more disturbing than the others so um, reader discretion is advised?

Title: What We Do For Love
Author: miss_mandy
Pairings: T-bag/Michael and a little Lincoln
Rating: NC-17 (Watch how my ratings just keep going up!)
Warnings: Non-consentual sex, slightly incestuous voyeurism

“Do it,” T-bag ordered.

Michael stood his ground. “No,” he said, defiantly.
T-bag grinned. “Do it or ‘ol Linc the Sink gets his execution date moved up.”
He gestured to the large inmates holding onto Lincoln, one of them holding a shiv to his throat.
The plan was so simple really. T-bag wondered why he hadn’t thought of it sooner. Take the one thing that meant the most to Michael, the one person he truly cared about and put him in danger. It was an offer he couldn’t refuse.
“Let him go, T-bag,” Michael said.
“You’re pressing your luck now,” T-bag sneered as one his goons pressed the shiv harder against Lincoln’s throat, drawing blood, “Or maybe you just don’t care what happens to your brother over here? Now, that is heartless, fish.”
“Do what he says, Michael,” Lincoln said, knowing full well what T-bag was capable of. He was not going to die like this.
Michael felt his cool exterior cracking. He tried to force back the tears that were threatening to escape from his eyes.
“Linc, I can’t,” he said, sounding apologetic.
“Guess you really don’t care,” T-bag said and he nodded to the men holding Lincoln.
Michael panicked. “Wait!” he cried out, his eyes welling up. “I’ll do it,” he said softly.

T-bag smiled wickedly. “Well what are you waiting for? Get down on your knees,” he said.
Michael looked over at Lincoln as he sank to the ground. He wanted to tell him to look away, he didn’t want his brother to see him do this.
Unfortunately, T-bag followed his gaze. “Make him watch,” he said, “I want him to see just how much little Mikey here is willing to do for him. Now if that isn’t brotherly love, I don’t know what is.”
Michael knelt before T-bag, immobile. His hands wouldn’t move, he just couldn’t do it. He couldn’t touch him.
T-bag sighed. “Rookies,” he said and grabbed Michael’s hand and placed it on his crotch. There was still fabric between them, but Michael was repulsed nonetheless. He felt dirty, like he was just some whore. There was no doubt in his mind that the feeling would be much much worse very soon. Hesitantly, Michael reached down under the waistband of T-bag’s pants and wrapped his hand around the stiffening length. He felt absolutely disgusted.
Lincoln closed his eyes, he didn’t want to see Michael like this, but T-bag caught him.
“Hey hey, eyes open!” he ordered, “Wouldn’t want you to miss any of the show, now would we?”
The other inmates chuckled as they held tight onto Lincoln’s arms.
T-bag groaned as Michael stroked up and down. “That’s the way, fish,” he said as he began to take off his pants.
Michael felt exposed now. Without the pants in the way Lincoln could see everything he was doing. He wished his brother wasn’t there. He wished that T-bag hadn’t dragged Lincoln into this. Why did he have to make him watch?
“Now open up,” T-bag said.
Michael hesitated, hoping he hadn’t heard right.
“Come on, boy,” T-bag drawled, “Let me fuck that pretty mouth of yours.”
Oh God, this wasn’t happening. When Michael didn’t move, T-bag grabbed the back of his head and pulled him close, then said, “Do it or I will gut that brother of yours.”
Michael felt the tears run down his cheeks. He thought he heard Lincoln say something, a protest. It was no use anyway. Nothing they said mattered now. Shutting his eyes, Michael went forward and took T-bag’s member into his mouth.
“That’s right, make it good,” T-bag said, grabbing onto Michael’s collar and forcing him back and forth.
Michael felt like he was going to be sick. He couldn’t stand it and T-bag kept forcing himself deeper into Michael’s mouth, hitting the back of his throat and making him gag. Michael swallowed, trying to suppress his gag reflex.
T-bag moaned in appreciation. “Damn you’re good,” he said, “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?” He looked over at Lincoln. “Now you can’t tell me that you never had a go at this. Parents asleep upstairs and the two of you all alone on the couch. Older brother teaching little brother all about the birds and the bees. And maybe you just wanted to give him a little demonstration. Put that pretty little mouth of his to good use.”
“That’s enough,” Lincoln ground out.
T-bag moaned again as Michael began using his tongue in the most unimaginable ways, trying to get him off as quickly as possible. He wanted this to be over.
“Both of you asleep in the same bed,” T-bag continued, never taking his eyes off Lincoln, “You held him tight, protecting him from them scary monsters under the bed. You’d make him forget all…about…”
He didn’t finish his sentence as he groaned in pleasure, coming in Michael’s mouth. He kept his hand on Michael’s head, holding him in place.
“Swallow it,” he ordered and Michael obeyed, feeling like he would be sick at any moment as he swallowed it all.
T-bag took his hand away and Michael nearly jumped back, sputtering and coughing, his face streaked with tears.
T-bag sighed, a smile spreading across his face as he pulled up his pants. The other cons released Lincoln and he fell to the ground, feeling defeated. He couldn’t believe what Michael had done for him.
“You did real good,” T-bag whispered in Michael’s ear, then added, “See you around.”

The three of them left the tool shed, leaving the two brothers alone.
“Michael,” Lincoln started, “I’m so sorry…”
Michael put a hand to his mouth, then got up to go throw up behind the work bench. He was crying, shaky sobs escaping him. His tough exterior was completely gone. He just couldn’t take this.
Lincoln got up and gingerly put an arm on Michael’s shoulder. He wasn’t sure how his brother would react to his touch. Michael turned around and hugged Lincoln, crying against his shoulder. Lincoln held onto him tightly. He knew then that he would do anything for him.

My title is lame, but I always just come up with them when I post. I was going to name them all after Kings of Leon songs like the last one, but I couldn't find one that fit this one. So you're stuck with this sappy title.
Tags: fanfic, lj burrows, michael scofield

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