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The Man Who Could Be Hulk?

With the gaping hole the absence of Eric Bana would leave to be filled in a sequel to "Hulk," the scramble to come up with a potential replacement is in full swing. The prospect of a new Bruce Banner stepping in for "Hulk 2" (also known by its official title "The Incredible Hulk") is a dubious notion. Superhero casting has been steady and consistent in the resurgence of the comic book movie boom, the main characters not suddenly being taken over by a new actor stepping into the part. If Eric Bana does not intend to reprise his role as the green machine, then this means they must find someone as suited to the character as he was.

Dominic Purcell does not really fit the bill. He is one of the two male leads of FOX’s latest serial thriller "Prison Break," and he’s not stranger to Marvel Comics’ films because he played none other than a muscle-bound bulldog-like Dracula in "Blade: Trinity." And, this image from "Blade III" is one worthy of the Hulk. That is, if they intend him to solely play the Hulk and portray him via real life actor as opposed to by CGI like in the first movie. This would fit the Lou Ferrigno approach to the Hulk, but certainly not the Bill Bixby approach to Bruce Banner. Purcell lacks the ordinary man of science look and aura that is necessary to pull off the normal half of the Marvel favorite convincingly. It seems like the equivalent of having Stone Cold Steve Austin play Clark Kent.

Apparently, the rumor doesn’t have a lot of heft behind it, but it’s not being put to rest either. While Purcell was being interviewed on the New York City-based radio station WPLJ, he was questioned about the possibility of him taking on the Hulk, but he did not confirm nor deny anything. It’s more than enough to make a waiting fanbase wonder who will fill those shoes of duality and whether or not they will be dually equipped to make Louis Leterrier’s "Hulk" sequel the more ideal film version of the big green guy.
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