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Escape is just the beginning.
monday's ratings: 'prison break' climbs in week two 
29th-Aug-2006 02:57 pm

monday's ratings: 'prison break' climbs in week two >>
second episode grows 5.26% in adults 18-49; 'vanished' also up

nielsen ratings
(fast national numbers for monday, august 28, 2006)

Here are the highlights of the 19 ad-sustained programs that aired in primetime on the broadcast networks last night:

FOX (households: 5.5/9, #2; adults 18-49: 3.5, #1) retained the adults 18-49 crown on Monday thanks to the second weeks of "Prison Break" (households: 5.7/9, #4; adults 18-49: 4.0, #1) and "Vanished" (households: 5.3/8, #6; adults 18-49: 3.1, #T4).

Compared with its bow last week (households: 5.8/10; adults 18-49: 3.8 on 8/21/06), "Break" was actually up 1.72% in households and 5.26% in adults 18-49. As for "Vanished," the freshman drama was down 8.62% in households but up a slight 3.33% in adults 18-49 from its launch (households: 5.8/9; adults 18-49: 3.0 on 8/21/06).

Is anyone else watching "Vanished?" I'm so hyped up after watching PB it's hard to concentrate on "Vanished," plus it's not nearly as good as PB. I also am not impressed with Ming-Na (Is that her name?). Her acting is not up to par. Maybe she's bored too. Right now Fox is lucky there's nothing else on at that time that demands my attention. John Allen Nelson is still sexy.
29th-Aug-2006 07:12 pm (UTC)
I'm really disappointed in Vanished, to be honest. I was really excited to see Gale Harold on TV again and it's just so. boring!
29th-Aug-2006 07:34 pm (UTC)
Last night as I was watching "Vanished," I thought, "This is boring!" And Ming-Na's acting is blah. I don't know if it's the character or if she's bored as well. I haven't seen Harold before. I have enjoyed Nelson in "Santa Barbara" and "Sheena," where he showed off his rock hard abs. If the show continues as is, it might not last long enough for us to figure out what happened to Sara. Plus, I think they're making it too complicated. They shouldn't make it so hard to follow that you would rather give up. If someone wanted me to tell them what happened last night, I'd be hard pressed. I watched, but didn't retain.
30th-Aug-2006 12:41 am (UTC)
I guess I won't be watching Vanished then.
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