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new recap: prison break 201, "manhunt"

It's a new season! I hope you guys were as blown away by the pilot as I was.

Anyway, I'm back with a new season of recaps from Fandom Talk, and the first recap, Episode 201 - Manhunt, is up.


Season one in 166 words:

Structural engineer Michael Scofield got himself incarcerated in the same maximum-security big house as his wrongly convicted, death-row inmate brother, Lincoln Burrows, so that he could break him out. (Once you swallow that, all other implausible plot points just slide right down.) Michael had the blueprints of the prison (among other useful escape-related information) hidden in an intricate tattoo which covered his entire torso. This made for lots of eye candy, and also occasionally moved the plot forward. Along the way, Michael and Lincoln made allies and enemies, some of whom were along for the ride, some of whom attempted to uncover (or keep in place) the political conspiracy that chose Lincoln as its patsy, and some of whom were pretty prison doctors who began as means to an end and became Love Interests.

When we last left our protagonist and his posse, they had broken out of Fox River and were hauling ass across a field, prison guards at their collective six.

So naturally, the first image we expect to see in season two is...a crypto-quote puzzle.


Read the rest here. Enjoy! And I love feedback, so please feel free.
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