that girl ☠ (imafuzzball) wrote in _prisonbreak,
that girl ☠

PB on DVD... so many choices!

Extra footage at Target, the mobisodes at Best Buy... why so many darned choices?!

What Time Magazine said:

5 Stellar Series to Catch Up With on DVD
PRISON BREAK SEASON 1 ON TV THIS month, the thriller shifts scenes as the jailbirds bolt from a high-security prison. (Relax, spoilerphobes: it's in the title.) Find out how they got there as Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller, left) unfolds an origami sculpture of a plan to free his brother from death row, with the help of some unsavory convicts and a prison map hidden in the most elaborate body tattoo since The Illustrated Man.
Tags: dvd, season one

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