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Locals get a shot at the small screen

Every other day, Becky Chesshir is a media fleet coordinator for Ford. But on Thursday, she was a humble bus station traveler, at least for a few hours, as an extra on the TV show Prison Break.
While waiting to film her first scene as an extra, Ms. Chesshir couldn’t resist text messaging her sister every time the two stars of the suspense drama moved.

Becky Chesshir, right, sends text messages while waiting with other extras for her scene on the Fox TV show Prison Break.
“I can’t keep my eyes off them,” said the Plano woman, as she stared at Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller, the lead actors in the Fox show.
After Ms. Chesshir sent one message, her sister typed back, “Can you sneak a picture of them with the camera on your phone?”
In the show’s first season, Lincoln Burrows, played by Mr. Purcell, is convicted of murder and sent to death row in Illinois. His brother, Michael Scofield, played by Mr. Miller, commits a bank robbery so he can join his brother in prison and help him escape.
The second season, being filmed in the Dallas area, follows the escaped convicts as they evade authorities. On Thursday morning, parts of downtown, including Union Station, had been made to look like Illinois, right down to the vehicle license plates.
In a short scene filmed at least eight times, the brothers walk together down a parking garage ramp to their dirt-covered car. Mr. Miller nervously looks both ways before opening the driver’s side door to make sure they aren’t being watched. As Mr. Purcell talks on a cellphone, his brother cleans the dirt off the front window.
Ms. Chesshir, one of about 15 extras on the set, said she mailed in a head shot a month ago because she is an avid Prison Break fan and hoped for a chance to play a small role. The casting director called her Wednesday afternoon.
“They said to bring sets of clothes – anything that you would take if you were traveling,” Ms. Chesshir said.
Anthony Boone, an aspiring actor from Fort Worth, said he hopes his role as a security guard will lead to better opportunities.
“I would love to be one of those guys sitting on those stools,” said the 33-year-old waiter as Mr. Purcell and Mr. Miller relaxed during a break.
After learning he’d been cast, he spread the word to his friends.
“I called everybody and said, ‘I’m a star. I’m a star,’” he said.
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