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that girl ☠

Just Jared says...

Wentworth Miller is, in fact, featured in People's Sexiest Men issue but they use an old picture from GQ (the one with the yellow argyle sweater) and only give him a half-page spread.

Wentworth Miller:
Age: 34,
Height: 6'1"
See him on: Fox's hit Prison Break
What makes women weak: "His height," says costar Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays his love interest on Prison Break. And his brains-- he's a graduate of Princeton.
Mystery man: "He's somebody who has few close friends. He looks for peace with himself before turning to others," says Callies. "When you look into his hazel eyes, they can look green or blue, depending on the lighting."
Dateability: Tall, smart, and sexy, but a bit of a loner.

You'd think they could get a new photo. And half a page? He had a full page in last year's issue!

My issue better come today. Sometimes the mailman decides to bring it on Mondays instead.
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