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new recap

Bye, season one! My final recap of the season, "Flight," is up at Fandom Talk. Enjoy! Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.


Alaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmm! Guards drag Manche to his feet and demand to know who was with him, because it was clearly not his lucky rabbit foot. Manche tries the "nobody" card first, which quickly becomes "I don't know" when a guard puts an elbow 'round his neck and threatens to snap it. Finally Manche lists all of his luckier brethren, amusingly unable to give names for some of them, like "that Vanilla Ice kid" and "that bug-eyed j-cat." Well, two can play that game. Bye, "Hurley 2.0."


And now that the season is over, if you're feeling nostalgic already and want to relive it, all of FT's recaps of season one are here. The first thirteen episodes of the season were recapped by the lovely and talented bigboobedcanuck, and the last nine were recapped by yours truly. If you're new to our recaps, you're welcome to leave comments or e-mail feedback even on older stuff -- we'd love it. :)

Have a great hiatus, everyone!
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