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Howdy! Sorry this is so under the wire, but my recap for last week's Prison Break, "Go," is up at Fandom Talk, just in time for tonight's finale.


We pick up where we left off, with Michael improbably pointing a shank at the warden. Michael needs Pope to do a few things for him, and Pope's all, "Sure, after you serve another ten years for this stunt, asshole." Pope's walkie-talkie crackles to life, and we cut to Mack in the parking lot, reporting that Bellick's truck is indeed present. Michael holds the radio to Pope's mouth and instructs him to tell Mack that Bellick is taking some "personal time." Ew. (Oh, tell me you didn't go there.) Pope attempts to reason that Michael can't get away with this, but Michael draws closer and levels that Pope doesn't want to find out how badly he wants to get Lincoln out of there. Ironically, wanting to find that out is exactly why the rest of us tune in every week, but granted, no one's pointing "Holy rusted metal, Batman!" at us.


Enjoy, and please feel free to leave feedback. It is my savior in these troubled times. :)
Tags: episode 1.21, fandom talk, go, recap
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