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Hi! My recap for Prison Break 1x20, "Tonight," is up at Fandom Talk, just in time for tomorrow's nailbiter.

...or, "The One Where Michael Loses His Shit For Real, Yo."

We open on Bellick just as we left him, staring into the hole in St. Louis. Our blood pressure returns to fever pitch. What? This isn't a medical drama; I can totally mix medical metaphors.

Bellick barely has time to register that someone has walked in on him when he receives a shovel to the face. It's Westmoreland, who says he can't let Bellick leave. They toss each other around a bit -- Westmoreland is thrown into the counter, breaking a coffee pot -- and finally Bellick gets a thermos to the head, which knocks him unconscious. Sweet! Oh, but Westmoreland discovers that a large glass shard from the broken coffee pot is protruding from his abdomen. Not sweet. He pulls it out, painfully.

In the yard, the Breakout Boys watch as some guards pass by the fence with dogs. T-Bag eurekas that the dogs will be what catch them when they escape if they can't either change their smell or rid their cells of it. C-Note is concerned about how much time they have to perform this de-stinkification, and Abruzzi says they have three days before he'll be able to get them into St. Louis for PI. Manche nods that he'll have their "extra suits" by then, and Michael says all that remains is to figure out how to get into the doctor's office since Sara had the locks changed, and how to get Lincoln out of the SHU. That one's easy: just have LJ shoot another conspiracist so you can petition the DOC to let Lincoln visit him. Fool-proof plan. Anyway, just as Michael's bragging that those things are totally doable in three days, Westmoreland arrives to tell them they've got to go now, since Bellick found the hole. I'd point out that Bellick probably never found a hole without direction in his life, but then I'd need a shower.


Enjoy, and please feed my feedback addiction. :)
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