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'Prison' music strikes a chord

In today's Daily Variety:

*There is a MINOR spoiler about next week's ep, but nothing surprising that wasn't shown in the previews.*

 'Prison' music strikes a chord
by Josef Adalian

The producers of Fox dramas "Prison Break" and "House" apparently share similar tastes in music. 

Final act of Monday night's "Break" featured an extended montage accompanied by the 1998 Massive Attack tune "Teardrop." It was all a buildup to next week's pivotal episode in which the show's prisoners finally break out. 

Just one thing: The song used during the scene happens to be the theme for another Fox drama, the Tuesday night smash "House." 

While it may seem like Fox was trying to subliminally hype "House" in "Break," net and execs say it was just a coincidence. 

"The music supervisor for 'Prison Break' didn't know it was the theme song for 'House,' " says a rep for 20th Century Fox TV, which produces "Break." And since the producers of "House" didn't have exclusive rights to the song there were no clearance issues to prevent "Break" from using "Teardrop."

While "House" airs on Fox, the show is produced by NBC Universal Television Studio, which might explain why nobody at 20th Century caught the song situation. 

But what about execs at the Fox network, which airs both shows? Even if different suits oversee the two shows, it would seem logical that the person in charge of "Prison Break" would have seen at least a few episodes of "House." 

A Fox rep had no comment.
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