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In time for tomorrow's episode, my recap for Prison Break 1x19, "The Key", is up at Fandom Talk.


Lincoln gradually comes to on the ground beside the van, his vision blurred, his head bloody. A car pulls up, and Agent Evol #1, looking rather edible in jeans and a windbreaker, kneels at Lincoln's side. As he tells a calm, creeptastic story about having to put down his Great Dane, he pulls out a glove and presses it over Lincoln's nose and mouth. He holds Lincoln down with his knee and other hand, and we see that two of his fingers on that hand are still splinted from when Quinn broke them. ConYay! Except I don't remember seeing them splinted since the episode immediately following that one. Er, RetconYay! Anyhoo, as Lincoln struggles, another car pulls up, the driver yelling to see if they're alright. #1 is forced to release Lincoln and go meet the guy, and we watch through Lincoln's blurred eyes as #1 reaches for his gun, but Mystery Dude whacks him with a fire extinguisher and drags Lincoln to his car.

In the prison yard, Sucre is released from ad seg and Manche and Michael greet him warmly. T-Bag: "Y'all can sign each other's yearbooks later." Heh. Michael updates everyone that his map of the pipes beneath psych ward is now complete, but since the new route will bring them into a different part of the infirmary, they'll have to walk down thirty feet of hallway to their exit point -- the doctor's office. And they'll need a key to the office, but the only people with that key are the medical staff. I bet Michael wishes he'd thought to befriend someone from the infirmary. Oh, wait.


Enjoy, and I adore feedback, so please feed me.
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