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What the hell happened?

So Im not sure if the whole 'Abruzzi' thing has been discussed, If so point me to it, if not, lets conversate :) (No spoiling info please, looking for 'uninformed' ideas) If you havent seen last nights episode and dont want to know anything about it yet, dont click

So is Abruzzi a nark? It really seemed to me like he was in on it the whole time (keeping Borrows in prison) and that maybe he was 'part of the team' just so he knew what was going on and so that he could screw everybody. Maybe hs IS just involved with Nick, but why else would he have it in for Veronica if he wasnt in cahoots with the other people who also have it in for Veronica? Maybe it WAS better that T-bag sliced him. Who knows, I was just crushed when I saw/heard of his dastardly plans. What is your opinion, what is you idea of where this is going/will be taken? What did you guys perceive this as?


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