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Hello, hello! The recap for 1x18 - Bluff is up at Fandom Talk, just in time for tonight's episode. Enjoy! And I love feedback, so knock yourselves out. :)

Fandom Talk is getting ready to hire alternate recappers for the summer and fall TV season, so if you like TV and enjoy writing, drop by our site for more information on our recapping philosophy and instructions on how to apply. We do pay our recappers (um, not much, but hey...extra beer money! More shoe shopping! Money for the season 1 DVDs!), and alternates are given priority when full-time positions become available. PLEASE NOTE that we are looking for people that are interested in doing alternate recaps for multiple shows, not just Prison Break, so make sure this isn't the only show for which you're interested in writing. We currently recap CSI, Grey's Anatomy, House, Lost, Numb3rs, Prison Break, Rome, Supernatural, and The Unit, and we'll probably be picking up Big Brother over the summer and, of course, new shows in the fall.
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