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Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Here is a link to an article that I found today and thought it might be of interest since it is kinda of spoilerish.

TV INSIDER: Prison Break Future Iffy for Grillo
There's more drama to 'Prison Break' than meets the eye. Frank Grillo, who plays advocacy lawyer Nick Savrinn on the Fox hit, lets us know that his character is left 'up in the air' at the end of the season. 'Something happens, but I don't know what happens after that,' as he puts it. 'As you know, 'Prison Break' has a tendency to kill people off...It will be interesting to see how it plays out, because if the pilot gets picked up, I'm committed to the pilot.'
He's talking about 'Hollis & Rae,' a prospective ABC series from creator Callie Khouri of 'Thelma & Louise' fame and Steven Bochco. He plays a detective in the show, set in a small Georgia town, about a cop and a prosecuting attorney who are best friends and who are also women.

'It's quirky, like a 'Picket Fences,' or 'Northern Exposure,' reports the actor, who's also been busy lately playing Colin Farrell's fellow corrupt cop in the big-screen 'Pride & Glory.'

Of the Khouri-Bochco show, he says, 'It's fun. I'm surrounded by women on the production. I'm the only guy in the cast. It's a pleasure, a love fest. Women don't have the same hang-ups guys do. They're not trying to win all the time.'

The show stars Laura Harris ('Dead Like Me') and Jaime Ray Newman ('Stargate: Atlantis').

Adds Grillo, 'I have two sons and it seems like I'm always around guys, so this was different, a real pleasure. They were so calm and cool and collected -- no egos. Plus we were shooting in Svannah, Georgia and it was beautiful.' 'Course, women DO have egos and DO have ways of asserting their competitiveness, Frank. He laughs. 'Not yet. Hopefully, they will compete for my character. We already see there's some sexual tension ahead of it goes to series.'

Also a new batch of Questions and Answers with Frank have been uploaded to the Web site.  Michael Gaston (Quinn) was mentioned in one.

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