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From E's Kristin

A Prison Break Star Is Safe
Apr. 17, 2006

This week,...while Prison Break's producer gives the lowdown on one cast member who will make it another season.

From jenn_from_deer_p: Since I think you were the best part of Felicity's series finale, Prison Break. Who are the two not leaving the jail?

Sigh. Always Noel's bridesmaid, never Ben's bride. Let's just say that someone you would never think they would kill off is dying. And according to Matt Olmstead (Prison Break boss), "When I say some of the people make it [out] and some of them don't, you can imagine the star of the show probably makes it, but no one else is safe." Of course, Wentworth is safe. Everyone knows the cardinal rule of TV deaths--no cute kids or hot guys with ripped abs.

From Kelly: What's going to happen to L.J. on Prison Break?

Not much. We'll see him again in court briefly with Veronica, but I think that's it for this season. His deep doo-doo is sorta left to be dealt with next season.

From junegirl: Did you just say Michael makes it out of prison? Didn't you already say he gets left behind by Lincoln?

Yes and yes. Both statements are true. It's the timing of it all that makes it make sense.

[In a previous column Kristin wrote, "Lincoln gets out of Joliet Prison and leaves Wentworth behind. (You'll have to see how and when that is true!)" She should have written Michael instead of Wentworth, but I guess she had Wentworth on the brain. :)]
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