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I know the link for the interview has already been posted but for those who haven't listened, there's this.
A pseudo-transcript is up at It basically summerizes the interview but doesn't actually quote anything.

Prison Break's Wentworth Miller phoned in for an interview with Z100's Z Morning Zoo this morning from about 7:38AM - 7:50AM.  You can download Wentworth Miller's interview below but the first half is cut off (they start off discussing the Mariah Carey videos).  Full transcription below thanks to KellyTheRN!! 
They said hi to Went, he says Hi

Congrats for season 2 and being renewed, he says thank yous.

The girl DJ that was talking with the guy DJ was saying "HELLO, Wentworth!" and was all fangirly, and they mentioned another girl being nuts over him and they asked, do you get this reaction everywhere you go from women? He said something to the effect that it's the character, it's kind of like Steve McQueen..and that it's been (interesting or nice or weird or something, I can't remember).

They say that the girl that's nutty over him has his picture on her computer, and "Wentworth, I don't think that has ANYTHING to do with the character!" Wentworth laughed and over the ruckus you could hear him say, "easy, tiger!"

Tattoo question, AGAIN. Same old answer, AGAIN. But they seemed genuinely shocked at how long it took, and they asked how long it took to get off of him, and he talked about how they scrub it off with solvents. Girl DJ asks if they're hiring (or something) and says she's a very good exfoliater. Went laughs (as he does through most of this interview).

He was asked why he thought the show caught on. He says his regular answer...Brotherly love, prison, could happen to you, etc.

Asked what will happen when they get out: Hard right turn, may be called Prison Break colon The Fugitive. "AAAAhhhhs!" from the DJs.

DJ says he doesn't know how they can call it a family show with T-Bag on there. Went laughs and says "there's all kinds of families out there!"

They talk about Michael/Sara and if it's love or is he using her? He says it's a little of both, and that he needs her to get out so it's a fine line. They ask if they'll get it on by the end of the season and he laughs and says they'll have to watch. The girl DJ asks, so are you going to throw her down, take advantage of her? Went laughs.

Ask about research for the roles, like how did T-Bag and the rest of them research, did they go out to talk to people? Went says they really didn't have to go anywhere since they work with inmates, discusses working in the prison with former inmates as extras. Male DJ says he sorta figured that because some of those inmates look like pretty hard dudes! Went laughs HARD at this!

Talk about the Mariah videos and ask about her since she's a "friend of the show" could he give them any gossip about her that they could tease her about? He tells the video story, 2 videos in 2 days, it was a treat, she's an icon, it was a pleasure, she had a "big old wedding dress on" that weighed about 50 pounds, he had to sweep her away down these stone steps and he was struggling with her because SHE was struggling so much in the dress. Big 6'7" bodyguard came up after the first "struggling" take and said, "Mariah cannot fall." Went laughed about it.

They mentioned Prison Break isn't the first thing he's been in, they mentioned Underworld, ER, Joan of Arcadia and Buffy (they left out Human Stain, the biggest thing he's been in! I wonder how he felt about that.). Anyway, they asked how it felt to just now be discovered after being in so many things. Went said he's glad, not many people get to do an "apprenticeship" in the business and kick around the edges. He got to get familiar with the business without the pressure of the public on him, and some new stars make it overnight without that knowledge, etc.

They asked can you go to a restaurant (without being accosted by fans)? Then the girl DJ jumped in saying "without people like (nutty girl) humping your leg?" He said that the fan attention is incredible and that he never minds when people come up and talk about the show. The guy DJ said something like "uh oh you shouldn't have said that now everyone will be coming up to you", the girl DJ said something I can't recall and then Went said, "I'll save you a place at my table." That got her all wigged out and she said, "I'll take you up on that!" (even though he was just saying it to be nice...she jumped on it like a proper Prettyphile!)

They asked something about the Chicago/LA thing and he started to talk about being a workaholic and he's on set all day 5 days a week and then THE FRIGGIN SOUND WENT OUT on the Z100 player and it kept trying to reconnect. When it came back on Went was saying he "wouldn't last 5 minutes." Then the DJ said something about you could take Kiefer ... [Wentworth admitted to never having watched 24 and wouldn't last 5 seconds against Kiefer]. And Went was laughing a lot.

They asked Do you sing? (sound out for a second) Back in college he had done his share. DJ: Will we hear you sing on PB? Went laughing said that's "no place for singin'."

Then they had one question left and I got a little confused as to who was talking (DJ wise) because it sounded like more than 2 people talking, and the girl said she forgot her question and then OH! She remembered it. She said (I kid you not) Went, I wanted to thank you for providing me with MANY fantasies to put me to bed at night. Went burst out laughing! Then said WHOA! After more laughing he said, deadpan: "whoa and you're welcome."

Then they rambled through some contest information to get a chance to go to the wrap party and I heard Went say thank you, all the while the player was cutting in and out.
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