feilongfan (feilongfan) wrote in _prisonbreak,

Wentworth on Z100 Apr. 17

Wentworth called in around 7:40 (Eastern Time) and talked for a little more than 8 minutes. But I made a mistake when I edited the audio. I happened cut the first 2-3 minutes. Anyway, here is the mp3, enjoy:

I only remembered in the first 2-3 minutes, they asked him about Tattoo and Michael & Sara. When wentworth talked about Michael & Sara. He DID used the word "LOVE". He said something like Michael loves Sara but at the same time he used her to advance the plan. Wentworth also said the Michael & Sara scene is one of parts he enjoyed most about the show. He enjoyed the tension between the two characters.
Tags: interview, wentworth miller, z100
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