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Prison Break Ep. 4/24/06 - The Key

Prison Break Ep. 4/24/06 - The Key
From Rachel Thomas,
Your Guide to TV Dramas.

Monday, April 24, 2006
"The Key"

As the season of Prison Break heats up, Lincoln finally finds out who and why he was framed for murdering the Vice-President's brother.

Abruzzi returns to the prison, causing a riot to break out -- and making T-Bag realize his days may be numbered.

Michael, discovering that Dr. Sara is the key to their escape, takes drastic measure to insure their freedom, by any means possible!

And finally, the whole escape plan is put in jeopardy when Bellick comes very close to discovering the hole in Michael's cell.

Guest starring in this episode are: Patricia Wettig as Vice President Caroline Reynolds; Michelle Forbes as Samantha Brinker; Frank Grillo as Nick Savrinn; Muse Watson as Charles Westmoreland; Lane Garrison as Tweener; Joseph Nunez as Manche; Holly Valance as Nika.

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