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Frank Grillo: Colin Farrell a Better Work Mate as a Grown Up

Frank Grillo: Colin Farrell a Better Work Mate as a Grown Up

By Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith
Apr 13, 2006

Working with Colin Farrell on the currently shooting "Pride & Glory" is poles apart from his first costarring stint with Farrell for Frank Grillo.

Grillo -- known as advocacy lawyer Nick Savrinn to "Prison Break" fans -- says he and Farrell "got to be friends when we did 'Minority Report' for Steven Spielberg, but then we lost touch.

He's totally different now. He's cleaned himself up, and he's real committed to the work. He's grown up -- became a father a couple of years ago.

I liked him before, but you always had the sense he was about to blow up. He was a cocky Irishman, deservedly so. Now, though, he's so focused. Working with him is absolutely fantastic. We're about a month into the movie and it's going great."

In "Pride & Glory," Farrell and Grillo play a pair of "bad cops -- to the core. We're real mean." The gritty drama, which also stars Ed Norton, Samantha Morton and Jon Voight, has to do with "a family of corrupt cops."

For a while, Grillo was making the feature in New York while finishing up his work on this season's "Prison Break" in Chicago -- and doing the pilot for Callie Khouri's "Hollis & Rae" drama series in Savannah, Ga.

He wants us to know, "There's a great twist in the back nine episodes of 'Prison Break' this season. It'll start showing up very soon." So stay tuned.
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