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new recaps

Hi there, Prison Break fans!

I'm here to promote the recaps for Prison Break over on Fandom Talk. We've been recapping it all along, but after the hiatus from hell, we switched recappers from the lovely and talented bigboobedcanuck to me, mcfeste. Here are links to the latest two recaps, post-hiatus:

PB 1x14, 'The Rat'
PB 1x15, 'By the Skin and the Teeth'

Recaps for the rest of the season (episodes 1-13) are available here. We also feature recaps for many of your other favorite shows, including Supernatural, House, Lost, The Unit, Numb3rs, Grey's Anatomy and CSI, and have an active forum where we discuss those shows and many more. Stop by and jump in!

I welcome feedback for my recaps, so please feel free to leave some here or in the designated thread on Fandom Talk. Thanks!
Tags: by the skin and the teeth, episode 1.14, episode 1.15, fandom talk, recap, the rat

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