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Pop Quiz


Pop quiz!
OK, people, spring break is over. Time to get back to the real work of watching, debating and commenting on all things TV. Below is a little pop quiz about the past few months of tube viewing.

By Maureen Ryan
Published April 2, 2006

1. Monday's "Prison Break" episode flashes back to three years before any of the show's characters arrived at Fox River Penitentiary. One of the following statements about the characters' previous lives is true; the rest of these statements are false. Which statement is true? (Don't read these answers if you don't want to know anything about Monday's fab episode).

a. T-Bag was in a different jail three years earlier.

b. On the outside, Sucre worked at a bakery, which is where he got his nickname.

c. Dr. Sara Tancredi and jail guard Brad Bellick knew each other before they arrived at Fox River.

d. During his military experience in the Middle East, C-Note received a serious injury.

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