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Episode 16 Spoiler

Detailed description is behind the LJ-Cut

First off this was written by CrookedT4life from the imdb.com forums ... thanks for the description, also thelana has a great description on her LJ go check that out too!









Lincoln is in prison because of Micheal. He borrowed money so that Micheal was able to go to school, but covered it up by saying that the money was their mother's life insurance. Sara was a junkie. But after not saving a boy from an accident because she was messed up she got help. Sucre was arrested stealing money for Marie Cruz's engagement ring, his cousin called the cops. T-bag was arrested after his girlfriend saw him on America's Most Wanted. C-Note was caught driving a truck with illegal crap in it and was arrested. He lied to his wife saying he was being shipped out again by the army, but he was actually discharged.


Ok, so i just watched episode 16, The Brother's Keeper. and the twist is pretty crazy. you know all the rumors going around about linc being in prison because of micheal? well it's true. what happened was lincoln borrowed 90K after their mother died so that micheal could put himself through school. however, micheal didn't know that, because he made mike believe that the money was their mother's life insurance and they each got 90K. before that micheal/lincoln are talking and micheal talks about linc throwing away his life and his half of the money.

then after lincoln is arrested veronica goes to see micheal and she sees that micheal doesnt' even act like linc is his brother. so she tells him that the money came from linc, and was borrowed, which he now needed to return. and she said 'you're where you are cause of your brother.' and micheal says 'and he's where he is because of me?'.

so then lincoln is convicted and is sent to prison. so him and micheal are talking and linc tells mike to just give it up and mike tells him a childhood story. it's about him not sleeping, always waiting for linc when he wouldn't come home at night. and he said that whenever he woke up he would find a paper crane by his bed and he knew that that was linc's way of checking up on micheal. and he looked it up and supposedly the crane symbolizes 'looking out for your own'. and then linc tells micheal that he is being moved to another prison, Fox River. and micheal says 'Fox River?' and gets a smile across his face. so then micheal gets the blueprints and we see him in his office trying to learn the whole plan of the prison. he has post-it notes covering the whole thing and he's trying to see if he gets the pathway right....it's not working and he is getting really frustrated/pissed off. and then the doorbell rings and it's his pizza or something and the chick that brought it is all tattooed and he notices it and gets the tattoo idea. the last micheal scene is when the episode ends and we see him getting ready to go to the bank. he takes the two guns and the ep ends.

the sara story. ok so she was a junkie. at the beginning of the episode she was working in the hospital and she goes into a room and shoots morphine. then later on they show her with her boyfriend and he's a junkie too. she steals crap for him from the hospital. anyway they are walking on the street and some kid gets hit by a car. and shes' all *beep* up so she can't help him. then we see her at an AA meeting saying she's been sober for 18 months and wants to go back to work. after that we see bellick come up to her (i guess he was a junkie too since he was at the meeting) anyway he tells her that there is an opening at his workplace, fox river, and asks if she wants to go to dinner to discuss it cos he has a red lobster gift card, LMFAO. she says she can't but thanks him for the referral.

c-note...he's in kuwait in the army. he files a report for prisoner abuse or something like that. and the commander discharges him for it, because apparently c-note was dealing with the black market to get stuff into the army place for the commander, but when he decided to file the report the dude turned it around and told him he should have kept his mouth shut. when he gets home his friend tells him he can hook him up with a job. and he says no cos he knew it was 'that' kind of job. but he agrees because he needs the money. and he was driving a drunk with illegal crap in it and he got pulled over, arrested.

sucre...his story started the night when linc was supposed to kill steadman. linc actually bumped into him when he ran out of the parking lot where he found steadman dead in his car. anyway that's kinda where sucre saw marie cruz for the first time. and his cousin was there too looking all pissed. oh and later they showed sucre come in a mini mart to rob it and he tells the dude to take all the money out and when the cashier does he takes a $100 bill and says 'actually this is all i need' LMFAO, he's just too funny. then he tells his buddies that he will propose to marie cruz and his cousin is all rude/mean about it, saying that he can't make a girl like marie cruz happy cos he's broke. so he goes back to the mini mart to rob it again and the dude gives him a $100 bill, lol. and asks if that's enough and he says that he's gonna need more this time. so he gets more and as he's walking out the cops pull up. and he's arrested. then we see his cousin looking from a distance hanging his phone up, and the dialed number '911'. what a bastard. seriously.

t-bag...we see him come in for dinner at some chick's house. she has a daughter and a son. and she is dating t-bag. anyway after dinner she is cleaning up while t-bag plays with the kids and she has the tv on in the kitchen and 'America's Most Wanted' is playing, and guess who she sees? t-bag. haha. so she gets all worried, calls cops, t-bag arrested. she then visits him in prison and he tells her that when he gets out he will know where to find her.

oh and also i forgot to mention that micheal and veronica had some 'thing' going back in the day. well nothing happened but they almost kissed in the beginning but the phone rang, it was lincoln, and after that micheal said 'we can't do this.' and she said yea i know and nothing happened.

oh and there was a Madam VP scene in that house of hers. well her brother, steadman, is living there with her. or at least was.
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