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We continue with the T-Bag love.

The Snitch

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T-Bag: (to Michael) Uh-uh-uh! I thought we had an understanding. This here’s for the family. You made it pretty clear you ain’t blood. How ‘bout you hand that over? (refers to screw in Michael’s hand that Michael unscrewed from the bleachers) Nice looking piece of steel. Bit of work you could do some serious damage with it. Questions is, who was it you was planning on damaging? I seen you with the negroes. Maybe you’re one of those milk-chickens—all confused-like. White on the outside, black as tar on the inside. Maybe we oughta take a look at those insides and find out.

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Lewis: Girl Scouts? Is there a problem over there?

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T-Bag: (feigning yawing to hide screw) Think I’ll just hang onto this if that’s okay with you.

Lewis: Hey! I’m not going to ask you again. Let’s break up the party ladies.

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T-Bag: (to Michael) You heard the man. Little doggie, get along.

Screencaps from Prison Break Online

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