October 22nd, 2008

Alcatraz , anyone ?

  If this is not allowed , the mod is free to delete it , but I have just been struck by Hollywood memories of me huddled in a blanket as a kid watching Escape from Alcatraz because I was a freak kid who liked prisons and inamtes and I realized the similarities it bears with Season 1.
  From the escape method ( involves some digging , manufacturing tools and going through...oh dear....the wall into the pipelines ! ) to the characters ( pet mice and "IQ Superior"-as stated in the prison records- blokes , anyone ? Building up a gang who brings its own help to the escape ? ) .I might also mention some -self induced,yes- finger cutting ?
 The similarities don't stop here , but anyone who has seen the Clint Eastwood film , it must ring a bell  , though it might ring as delayed as mine , but that movie is old and I was a kid when it came up on TV.
  Anyone else with a take on this ?

The Third Stone
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