April 5th, 2008

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Hey all you Sara lovers:

Read THIS article and THEN try to tell yourselves that Sara was never really dead. Give me a break! She was deader than a doornail! Matt Olmstead can run around spinning whatever delusional crap he wants, but the man needs to take his meds and actually remember how the whole thing REALLY happened--and so do all the Sara-lovers who conviently forget how the whole thing went down:

he producers and writers are lying assholes who are insulting the intelligence of the fans by saying they always planned to bring Sara back--they didn't! And now they are going to give us the lame-ass excuse that "Lincoln didn't recognise the head?" Give me a break! This article PROVES that they wanted it to be Sara's head and they were doing everything they could to PROVE it was Sara's head!

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