November 25th, 2007

  • pamalax

Prison Break fans support the WGA

Like many others in many fandoms I have recently been asked by FFWGA (Fans for WGA) to serve as liaison for the Prison Break fandom.

In addition to my personal project, consumers4wga, this means I will be passing on to you, the good folks of the Prison Break fandom, occasional info on fan based projects and efforts you can take part in.

Mon/Tues - Phone Blitz
On Monday the WGA and AMPTP will recommence negotiations. The FFWGA wishes them Godspeed. However, our support cannot waver. I must stress: we will not stop campaigning on the writers’ behalf until the contract is signed, sealed, delivered, and serenaded by Stevie Wonder.
Alll the details you could want or need are right here
Support the writers... help end this strike!