October 10th, 2007

  • pamalax

Pam's Ep Thoughts for " Good Fences "

Here's the way to my thoughts on " Good Fences " for all interested in reading and or discussing. Please don't hesitate to drop in and jump in on the chat if you have a mind to.

** BE WARNED I liked this ep and think while painfiul its good forward movement so don't go there if you really don't want to read such things.

My EP thoughts are long and very detailed so I'm just offering a link to anyone curious that may want to drop by.
Pamala's Episode thoughts for "Good Fences"
Friendship - Monkey Hug

Recast Opinions

Poll #1069425 Would you be ok with a new actress for Sara?

Would you be ok with a new actress playing Sarah?

YES! Sarah and Michael should be together! I don't care who plays her!
It would depend on the actress and the way they explained the new face in the plot
I'd be skeptical but I'd be open to it
NO WAY They had the right actress the first time! No one else could have done her justice!
I don't know. I'm too in shock to make a decision like that.