September 29th, 2007

  • mklover

Sketch stuff


Have something to post made it a while ago (kinda old)
But I'd like to share it with PB fans.
I'm from the Netherlands.
We are still waiting for Season 3 to start am curious but I am not taking
sneak peeks on the internet.

So here's my sketch;)

and the back of the envelope:

That's all


Doctor Who : Toon love

Prison Break 1.01 Screencaps!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to share my screencaps of the Prison Break pilot! I have the first 13 eps of season 1 capped & plan to finish 14-22 ASAP. Keep checking back for more ... Chicago & Sona are on their way! ♥

Show: Prison Break (Ep. 1.01)

Size: 49 Michael/Sara, 42 misc., 36 Michael/Lincoln, 28 Sucre/Maricruz, 27 Michael/Sucre, 5 Lincoln/Veronica

Please join my graphics journal to view my caps

~~~PREVIEW : Click the thumbnail for full-sized image~~~

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