September 19th, 2007

LP: Ned blue

Prison Break on iTunes!

I was just perusing the iTunes store and noticed that there's a free PB download.
It's still downloading, but it's called Visitation, it's 43 minutes, 7 second long ... and iTunes has it labeled as the season premiere. Huh?

Well, it's free anyway. :o)

Just go to the iTunes store, scroll down to the "Free on iTunes" section, click the right-facing arrow and it's the first one there.

  • pamalax

Pamala's Ep thoughts for " Orientacion"

I know there are a lot of reviews out there to be had this week but since I have been doing these for each ep since season one I'm go ahead and keep posting the link here.

Here's the way to my thoughts on " Orientacion" for all interested in reading and or discussing. Please don't hesitate to drop in and jump in on the chat if you have a mind to.

My EP thoughts are long and very detailed so I'm just offering a link to anyone curious that may want to drop by.
Pamala's Episode thoughts for " Orientacion "