September 4th, 2007

LP: Ned blue

DVD set

I realized that I forgot to post the photos of my DVD set when I got it last week.

Sorry about that ... now you can all get your own, but I figured I'd post them anyway.

Nothing too exciting here, and the extras are a little boring, but still. Here it is anyway.

Free Image Hosting at ... Free Image Hosting at ... Free Image Hosting at

Just ignore that extra disc, it doesn't come with the DVD set. :o)
SPN: Impala

Season 2 at Circuit City

Circuit City has Prison Break Season 2 in their ad for $36.99 with a free $5 gift card now through 9/8.

I went to get it and in-store, it's marked $34.95. So, it's almost like getting it for $30 because you have $5 to use toward a future purchase.