April 8th, 2007

{Actors} Cumberbatch; Steepling fingers

Fic Rec List

I've made a list of some of the Prison Break FanFictions I have read (mostly T-Bag). Ive included the ratings, authors and links. The fictions will be ordered in pairings then alphabetically. =D
I have included in italics the summary given by the author or my own summary if it wasn't provided.

Total Fics: 71

I've broken the post up into these sections:
NOVEL: Multi-chapter
LONG STORY: Multi-chapter
LONG STORY: More than a Thousand Words
SHORT STORY: Drabble or longer
SERIES SMUT: Multi-chapter Porn
SMUT: Porn without Plot
RPS: Real Person Slash

And I included the Ratings Info down the bottom for anyone interested.