March 29th, 2007

Rock & Doris

Prison Break = Terminator 2??

I posted this in my LJ a few months ago, and since it was PB related I thought I'd share.

After watching Terminator 2 one day I noticed it had A LOT of similarities to Prison Break.

In order to illustrate my point, I made some photo comparisons.

Warning: Some bad language behind the cut. So beware.

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PB Popular in Prison

In this week's People magazine, there is an article about Pamela Smart (she had an affair with her student and got her student to kill her husband. She has been in prison for 14 or so years I think and has a sentence of life.) and other infamous criminals--kinda of like a "where are they now" thing telling you what's going on with them now.

Anyhoo, Pammy says she watches TV to while away the time and that at Bedford Hills Correctional Center in NY, Pammy's pad, Prison Break is a favorite.

I bet they're not just watching for the stories! ;-)
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PB in TV Guide

There is a two-page article on PB in next week's TV Guide. Big pic of Dom and Went and smaller pics of Mike and Sara, T, Mahone, Sucre with an article about the finale and season 3. Side interview with Paul Adelstein.
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Knepper to be in movie

Scott, Olyphant to star in Hitman adaptation
Dougray Scott and Timothy Olyphant will star in the Luc Besson-produced The Hitman for 20th Century Fox. The movie is an adaptation of the popular video game. Olyphant will play hitman Agent 47, and Scott will play his antagonist. Olga Kurylenko (Paris je t'aime), Robert Knepper (Prison Break), Ulrich Thomsen (Festen), and Michael Offei (Casino Royale) also have joined the cast. (Variety)
Dreams come true

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Hi guys ,
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And here is a download for this DAZZLING , BEWITCHING clip, with thanks to mickeydrewme at the FCoWM message board.

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