February 9th, 2007

Juts to say how much i love this community....

...hope i'm allowed to post this....

I would just like to say what a great community this is.
I am a fan of Lost and before PB i used to think this show was the best thing ever and i was pretty much as obsessed as i thought i could be with a show.....since watching PB i realise that how i felt about Lost was nothing in comparison!!!
I still like Lost but PB is a whole different league and with such people as WM and DP is it any wonder?!?!
Anyway.....the point of this post is to tell you guys what great fans i think you all are and to say how much i love being in this community....i was a member of a Lost community on LJ a while back and i actually left because the were such horrid people...it really put me off LJ communities for a while.
On this community everyone is so nice and i think maybe that has to do with the fact the PB fans are just better?!
Were really good fans i think.......on the Lost community the fans were hostile and used to get quite nasty if you posted something they didn't think was worthy of a posting.
Its great that here there are so many different people from all corners of the world with one thing in common...were all obsessed with PB :)

Wouldn't it be so cool to have a PB convention somewhere for us all to meet andd watch episodes and chat and stuff....and WM could make an appearance too maybe.
I for one know id travel to go to a convention like that!