December 28th, 2006

LP: Ned blue

And now a rumor:

There was a bit of confusion in the office yesterday about the new season. The writer who just spoke to Went for a story was under the impression that the recap episode set to air Jan. 22 had been scrapped and there would be an actual ep airing instead.

He was on the phone with Fox for a bit, but it seemed that the person he wanted to talk to was out of the office for a holiday. I'll keep you posted to what I find out, but I can't use lj at work.

Update on Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn)

Here are some updates on Frank Grillo (Nick Savrinn).

January 7 @10:00 pm (eastern time) "Without a Trace" Epidose Name: Tail Spin
Frank plays Neil Rawlings an air traffic controller who vanishes after he almost let two planes collide on his watch.

Frank will also be appearing on "Las Vegas" and currently no date is listed.  Frank will be playing a guy who has been in a coma for twenty years and has a romantic thing with one of the woman on the show, Sam (played by Vanessa Marcil). 

For those in the New York area Frank taped an interview for "i on New York" with Laurie Puhn and the dates for the show are:
Tuesday, January 2 @ 6:00 am (eastern time) and Saturday, February 10 @ 6:00am (eastern time)

*If there is anyone in the area who would be willing to make me a copy of the interview please drop a note in my LJ.  Thanks in advance.*