June 7th, 2006

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ALMA Awards

Non-Televised Awards Presented at the 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards Dinner on May 6

Outstanding Director of a Television Drama or Comedy
Jesús Treviño
Prison Break

Amaury lost to Lost actor in the Supporting Actor category. :(
Thinking MS-PB

Meeting Wentworth & Robert in Toronto

OMG! Wentworth is HOT! Ok like most people don't know that!  But he is also very sweet.  His handler was trying to rush him to the limo, but he still stopped and took pictures and signed autographs. I didn't get to see Wentworth in the suit cause I got there after the red carpet, but green is a really great color on him.  I was totally tongue tied with Wentworth, and that's never happened with any other tv and movie star I've met.  Robert was really cool, he took pictures out also and signed autographs.  He was really nice chatted a bit.
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