June 1st, 2006

Anyone wanna sleep with Went?

So I'm browsing ebay for some authentic Went autographs since someone insists on out bidding me by a lot everytime I try to get one...and I come across a Went pillowcase! Just the combination of the picture they use, the design and the words made me LOL. If I were 14, I think I'd buy this.

Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser

Friends Only Banner

Someone please tell me if I'm doing this wrong. I made a Friends Only banner. I made if after only a few hours with my PSP -- so please be kind. And take it if you want it. Oh, and I guess: no hotlinking, please credit.

Also, I want to practice, so I'm taking requests. Not that I'm any good, but still.

Eyes Only Friends Banner

And, it should be obvious, but I'll say it anyway: yes, that's Wentworth Miller's eyes.