April 20th, 2006


whether you love them or not....

i dont know how many of you have found this one. but I have not seen this one posted in here yet.

and simply its beautiful. maybe more for the girls.

but the video. the song. it just says it all.i dont know who made it, but really its so good, who cares.


p.s. it may contain some possible spoilers.
Gregory Peck

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{19} Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
{06} Prison Break
{09} Veronica Mars
{07} House M.D
{06} Hilary Swank
{05} Naomi Watts
{11} Jimi Hendrix
{05} Kurt Cobain
{06} Mary-Kate and Ashley + banner (Mainly Ashley)
{03} Emma Watson + 2 FO banners

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More here!!
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On Fox's official PB site, there is an ad and link for "24", but on the "24" site there is neither an ad nor a link to the PB site. I would think putting a link on the "24" site would be a great way for Fox to get more people interested in PB. C'mon Fox!!! Get with the program--PB.

The "24" ad has been replaced by an ad for a free Tiffany necklace. :)
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Just a reminder, if you post any pictures, reviews, comments, links, spoilers, etc. about episodes that have not yet aired in the U.S., please be sure you put them under an LJ cut and also post a warning. There are a lot of PB viewers who don't want to know what happens in future episodes. By putting a warning or stating that the post contains future episode information and your information under an LJ cut, people can make their own decision about whether or not to proceed.

Thanks so much!
stock - dublin sky was changing you

Prison Break - 1x07, 08, 09, 10, 11 - Whole episode caps.

Hello all :)
Today, we have the next five episodes :)
Cookies go for the ones who left comments :)

All of the caps are BIG and HDTV.

Here we go, 1x07. :
As for this episode, THIS IS THE ONLY EPISODE I HADN'T HAD IN HDTV VERSION. So, the caps are not my usual quality. If I can get a hold on hdtv version, I'll cap that, and renew this post.

( 1x07 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Eight episode, again with the good and big caps.
This ep was so emotional for it's average, I liked it :)

( 1x08 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Ninth episode.
The one where everyone is beautiful.
Also the one with the shower. :)

( 1x09 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Ten, with lots of aww moments :)))
Very nice colors on this episode too, kind of LOST if you know what I mean :)

( 1x10 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

Eleven, and the last for today :)

( 1x11 - Sample caps + Zip File.. )

The next 5 episodes will be up tomorrow, have fun, and don't forget to comment if you take any! :)