April 4th, 2006

  • moposh

Last Night's Episode

Last night's episode flashed back three years to before the gang were in prison. However, if memory serves me correctly, in a previous episode Nick told Veronica that death penalty cases usually take 10 years to exhaust all appeals and Lincoln's was fast tracked in five. Am I remembering this wrong or did PB writers make another date mistake?

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  • yucor

Jackie & Bender morning show: Amaury Nolasco interview

*New interview (4-4-06) This isn't the whole interview. It's just the parts where they mentioned Wentworth. You guys should listen to all of it. They're hilarious.
Amaury NolascoLISTEN NOW
J&B: Do you feel really safe because you're in there with Wentworth?
Amaury Nolasco: :::Laughing his ass off:::
J&B: Cause we would.
Amaury Nolasco: Yeah! Cause he's got all the tricks so I'm cool. He's got it handled. He's got it all covered.
J&B: I feel very safe. I want him to embrace me.
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