December 3rd, 2005


Michael's wife

Michael's innocent wife from the beautiful city of Prague Aussie pop starlet Holly Valance expressing her artistic self by the means of orgies and streptease.
Watch the undying classics of the world's pop heritage: Down Boy (orgies) Kiss Kiss (dancing wearing nothing) Naughtly Girl (I kinda like this song)

loves me some movies


I am a new member. My name is Liana, I am 20, I just moved to Seattle, WA from Vancouver, WA.

I dig Prison Break, obviously :), I have been hooked since the previews for the first Pilot episode.

I have managed to hook most of my family members to the show, including my sister that lives in Toronto, I have some serious stealth-like moves.

Just wanted to come here and say Hello, you are all a great source for info, humor, and it's nice to know I am not the only semi-neurotically obsessed fan out there.

Wentworth Miller, yeah, i'd totally hit that, without a doubt.

The whole tension with M/S is bonkers, but totally hot, I get the flutters just seeing them flirt.

I'm dying, like all of you, for March to come sooner, my Mondays blows now.

I know I am way too into the show by this: A friend of mine made a crack at me about how since I am in the culinary business ( I am a professional baker/pastry chef), I should weasel my way into doing craft service for the show. I told my friend it wasnt a half bad idea, and she told me I was crazy. :)

I can't help it if the thought of getting sweet things all over Wentworth Miller makes me smile. :)
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Oh where art thou media clips?!

Hey Everyone!

So I do some snooping around just to see occasional spoilers there *this is not a spoiler post* ne ways, so im just reading the general posts and found out there are a ton of different previews for next season.

Does anyone know where to find updated preview/trailers for PB?

Because of Global in Canada, they like to take over the Fox channel when they have the same show on. Global seems to resent showing previews right after the show end. DARN YOU GLOBAL!! making me miss previews! *shakes fist*

Btw, I just watched Underworld with the lovely Wentworth Miller in it, with HAIR, GLASSES, and a sexy 5'oclock shadow!! go watch! he's like in 5 mins of the movie, but still its worth it!
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