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Due to popular demand, The Snitch is back. I'll probably post it on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I'll also have theme and scene weeks. The Snitch is must-read!!!! :)

The Snitch

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Michael: You kept it.

Sara: Kept what?

Michael: The flower.

Sara: Well, I'm a packrat. I never throw anything out.

Michael: [looks around the spotless infirmary] Yeah, well this clutter. It's...overwhelming.

Sara: You should see my apartment.

Michael: Whoa. We haven't even had our first date yet and you're already inviting me in. I thought you were a nice girl.

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Sara: Oh Michael, we all know nice girls finish last.
[motions for Michael to lift up his shirt]

Michael: So where do you finish?

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Sara: Depends on where I start. Deep breath.
[uses stethoscope to listen to Michael's heart beat, and looks up at him. Michael gives her the blue steel and forgets to continue breathing deeply.]

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Katie: [suddenly walking in] Sara, we're backing up out here.
Sara: Right, sorry.

[to Michael]
Sara: I'll go get your shot.

Screencaps from Prison Break Online

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