Emmaline Estella (cuddlyfruit) wrote in _prisonbreak,
Emmaline Estella

Weekly Caption Contest

Caption Contest

Make a caption! :)
Tags: caption contest

  • Vote for Caption Winner

    VOTING IS NOW CLOSED. a. Wakey, wakey Linc the Sink. b. Let me help you. c. dude, did someone fart? d. Michael: Man Linc, you've got a…

  • Caption Contest

    Put on your thinking caps and get creative. Think of a great caption for this picture.

  • Vote for your favourite caption from last week!

    Yeah, we've been slacking a bit. A. Dang I wish they'd stop serving beans for dinner. It's killing my tummy. B. GRRRRR ARGH! C. Michael do you…

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