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There were a few tidbits about Prison Break in today's Daily Variety.

This one was from an article regarding Fox's ever changing schedule. *Edited for content. I only included the bit about Prison Break.*

"Idol Puts Fox Into Gear
Michael Schneider
"...As part of the scheduling shuggle, 'Malcolm in the Middle' moves back to Sundays, airing in the 7pm slot starting Jan 29 (net will fill its Friday 8:30 pm home with additional episdoes of 'Bernie Mac'), while 'Prison Break' officially returns on Mondays at 8pm starting March 20--and 'Bones' settles into Wednesdays at 8 beginning March 8."
I'm not sure what I think about PB being on at 8pm. It feels like more of a 9pm show, doesn't it?
There were a few picture pages covering the post-parties from the Golden Globes.
"Golden and Glamorous"
Bill Higgins
*You can see a full version of the pic if you click on the thumbnail.*
Pic of Dominic making his frog face with the caption "A goofy Dominic Purcell from 'Prison Break'"
Pic of Sarah and Went with caption "'Prison Break's'" Sarah Wayne Callies and Wentworth Miller break out for Fox's shindig.
The Fox party was held in the Stardust Room of the Beverly Hills Hilton.

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