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Golden Globe Notes

I watched the pre awards show on NBC in hopes of seeing and hearing Went and/or someone from PB. I did catch snatches of Went, but he was not interviewed. When Pam Anderson was interviewed she said it was her "wish" for Wentworth to be on her show, "Stacked." Went was right behind them!!! After interviewing Pam, why didn't Shaun grab Went? So disappointing. They interviewed the same old people (Johnny Depp, Will& Grace Cast, Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney) and asked the questions we all want the answers to (not), like how is Hilary Swank doing after filing for divorce?

In the recap right before the start of the show, while we were listening to Clooney drone on, there was a shot of Dom and he mouthed "Prison Break."

The show:
  • Not enough shots of PB. I went to bed before they gave away the award for Best Drama.

  • Pam totally did not get Willam Petersen's "Beauty and the Geek" joke, but at least she was covered up.

  • Did Melanie Griffin curse while introducing her daughter? And what was up with Dakota? She did
    not look happy.

  • Someone give Drew Barrymore a bra or some other type of foundation. I don't want to see nippling. Plus, Drew, you're not 20 anymore and neither are your breasts.

  • It's too bad Went didn't win, but I was happy Hugh did if Went couldn't.

  • I know PB was a longshot, but I still had hope. Boo to "Lost". :( Well, we still have our People's Choice award for Favorite New TV Drama. :)
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