firelakie (firelakie) wrote in _prisonbreak,

PB in New York Magazine

Did anyone else catch it?  No scans yet but here's what it said:

BEST VILLIAN The reptilian T-Bag on Prison Break (Fox), a slippery southern pedophile who slithers around like a cross between Hannibal Lecter and Truman Capote.

BEST INCREDIBLY COMPLICATED PLOT THAT HASN'T BEEN UNRAVELED--YET Prison Break's plot details are ludicrous: The lead has the entire prison's blueprint tattooed over his torso (hidden in a gothic pattern only he and schizophrenics can discern), and he's so resourceful with discarded toothpaste tubes he's like some sort of cellblock MacGyver. But against the odds, the show's remained internally consistent--and ridiculously addictive. 

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