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Is Abruzzi Really Dead?

thelana posted this in my journal. It might be considered a mild spoiler, but really it's just speculation. Interesting and encouraging read, nonetheless.

Ask Ausiello's Column
TV Guide.com

Question: No! Prison Break can't go on hiatus. Can you give us some spoilers? Is Abruzzi really dead? — Diane

Ausiello: My gut is telling me Abruzzi is definitely not dead. Although the original plan clearly called for the scruffy mob mole to get shipped off to the big house in the sky, judging by what I saw on screen and the open-ended way the character's fate was left, I'm willing to bet my entire set of 2005 Smurfs that producers granted Abruzzi a last-minute stay of execution with the intention of bringing him back before the season is finished. Adding fuel to my theory: PB executive producer Paul Scheuring declined to discuss the matter with me over the phone, and a show spokesperson issued a stern, "No comment." T-Bag, however, released this statement: "S---, I'm a dead man!"

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