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2 more TV pilots in the works for Chicagoland

Terry Armour

2 more TV pilots in the works for Chicagoland

Published December 4, 2005

Native Chicagoan Ed Bernero--creator of "Criminal Minds" and "Third Watch"--tells us he's already got two set-in-Chicago pilots on the table that he's trying to shoot here in 2006. Bernero believes the chances are good for the police dramas, particularly with the success of Fox's "Prison Break," which is shooting in Chicago and in Joliet. "What helps us is that ["Prison Break"] is working," Bernero said when we tracked him down on the Los Angeles set of "Criminal Minds" a few days ago. "By that I mean it's on budget, it's making money and it's getting solid ratings. Those are all pieces in the puzzle.",1,2571914.column
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