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He Messed Up

Title: He Messed Up
Author: </a></a>angelrose493
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: Short, 315 words
Spoilers: From the fall finale
Summary: Michael couldn’t believe he let it come down to this. He messed up.

This is my first fanfic, so be nice :O) It's no masterpiece:

Michael couldn’t believe he let it come down to this. He messed up. He thought he’d prepared for every little contingency, but he messed up. He was ready to face those previous hindrances, but this time, he messed up.

They replaced it.

The first time he said it, on the night of what he thought would be a successful break, he was still a little skeptical. He barely had the strength in his voice to speak those three, simple words. This was not how it was supposed to happen. He was supposed to save his brother’s life. To give him a chance. But he messed up.

Now his brother had 12 hours left. 12 hours until those bastards took every ounce of hope out of him. And for the first time, Michael didn’t know what to do. He had messed up, and he didn’t have a solution.

Michael hated the idea of failure. He was not a failure.

Until now.

He had destroyed every bit of hope for not only his brother, but for the four other inmates that believed they had a chance. A chance to see the world outside those prison walls. A chance to leave the place where fear was always the first thing you felt when you woke up and the last thing you felt when you closed your eyes, whether it was because you were sleeping or dying. In prison, it really didn’t make a difference. It didn’t change the fact that this place, always clouded with a palpitating mood, could perhaps be the most terrifying and daunting place you’ll ever know.

And now Lincoln was going to spend his last moments here. Michael doesn’t even think he wants to be there, on his execution. How could he look his brother in the eye and tell him he failed?

Michael could never forgive himself for this. He won’t.

He had messed up.

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