October 25th, 2006

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LiLMERMAiD : "Brave New Girl" by Britney Spears

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Fandom/Song/Artist: LiLMERMAiD "Brave New Girl" by Britney Spears

Vidded by: SimbiAni Link to Site: http://dear.to/luv (with links to FileFront & YouTube) Details: Footage from my DVD :: 3mins44seconds :: 19MB/27MB :: WMV/XViD :: Notes: Download directions AND lyrics at site ^-^ Will gladly upload any vid to any temp site of your choice if those listed don't work for you! Just comment :D

Summary: Ariel has only one dream; and she's gonna make it come true. (Ariel/Eric) Behind The Scenes: Oct2006: *nostalgic sigh* Me & Ariel have history from wayyy back, hehe. She was my first obsession, right before LionKing, so she'll always have a special place in my heart, LoL. And so when they finally released the Special Edition DVD, it was all about the yayness! I knew I wanted to vid it, altho I wasnt sure to exactly what songs, I did have some in mind. Well, I started working on one of them, but I got vidder's block, and then I remembered this song, and that I'd considered vidding it (to a diff movie) before, but never got around to it. After a second glance at the lyrics, I realized this was more perfect for Ariel than any other song! And thus, inspiration struck! Enjoy! PS. Grr @ the wmv being slightly blurry. So I'm including a link for the xvid version also, which is a bit heavier in filesize. You can get the xvid codec here.

Any/all comments will be ADORED! *hugs for feedback* Thank you!

Recc'ed by: NestTheEchidna: "*Applauds* Bravo! Oh, I remember watching this movie and being obsessed with the song 'Part of Your World.' Awesome job on the video, once again! You're right, this is the perfect song for her =D" PrinceXan: "Fabulous video here! Oh, please make another one of Ariel. I'm also obsessed with her."

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